Being Thirty AF

I’ll be honest, being three decades old feels pretty damn fabulous. Throwing on a tutu and fake eyelashes for a little birthday photoshoot certainly helped.


I was feeling inspired by some “adult cake smash” photos when I jumped on Thumbtack to look for a photographer of my own.


I really thought turning thirty would feel awful. I imagined myself crying into a pint of fat-free frozen yogurt with an anti-aging sheet mask on.


Instead, I decided to eat cake and drink champagne on a field with some gigantic balloons. For me, thirty is about living my best life. It’s about surrounding myself with things and people I love, finding and doing what brings me joy, and being my most authentic self.


Finding yourself can simply mean finding ways to feel fabulous.


I am so looking forward to this next part of my journey, whatever it may be…


I just hope there’s champagne.



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